UI/UX Designer
Svenja Dittrich

Hey there, I'm a designer from Munich

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User Experience Design

Createing immersive and intuitive User Experiences for Mobile, Web, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

User Interface Design

Designing modern, light, minimalistic User Interfaces

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Experience in Mobile and Web Applications, Gamedesign, VR (Mono and Stereo for mobile and Vive) and AR experiences

What I have done so far

I finished a Bachelor in History of Arts and a Bachelor in Art and Multimedia (mediadesign combined with mediainformatiks). The last years I focused on Interface and User Experience Design and trained myself in User-Centered-Design. After my Internship at Audi in Service Design/ Product Development and Customer Experience, I started to work at Innoactive as an UX/UI-Designer for VR and AR.

My latest project

The digital transition doesn't spare even the cultural institutions. Museums try to reach their audience with interactive tours, augmented reality, websites, videos 3D‐animations and more. The museum, as a mediator between the artwork and the beholder of it, has to be careful to fulfill its' task in a meaningful way.

How can the user experience be improved and adjusted for museum visitors? The device, that was created, proposes a reduction of functions to the essentials through different exhibitions, but also the possibility to dive as deep into art as the user likes to. The application guides art lovers of any knowledge level and yield to a new kind of art‐experience.

This project was developed, in agreement, with the Lenbachhaus in Munich.

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